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Syracuse University Athletics

Syracuse Student-Athlete Quotes vs. Stony Brook

Syracuse Football
Syracuse vs. Stony Brook
Saturday, September 15, 2012
Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY

Syracuse Student-Athlete Quotes

Wide Receiver Jarrod West
On what has changed the most since evolving into a key receiver:
“We have five or six receivers that can make plays at any time. I just get lucky sometimes being in the right position at the right time and when my number’s called I try to make plays, just like everyone else.”

On how it feels to get the first win of the season:
“It felt great. It was sad to have so many yards the last few games and then fall short. Finally getting a win feels great.”

On what was different between the first two games and today:
“We just fell on top. We made more plays than we did in the past.”

On the difference between the first and second half:
“We made some adjustments coming out of halftime. We knew what was working in the first half and we just executed well in the second.”

Running Back Prince-Tyson Gulley
On what he saw on his touchdown run:
“I just caught the ball and seeing up field, I saw good blocks from my teammates and didn’t look back. I just kept rolling.”

On how the offense responded to Stony Brook’s early score:
“We were just trying to get back to what we do best, get up-tempo and just let everybody know that we’re going play by play and just tried to make plays happen.”

On the team’s trend of starting games slow and executing in the second half:
“Lately that has been happening. We come out and we try to stay calm. We try not to get rattled and try to get back to what we do best, keep it up-tempo and make plays.”

Strong Safety Shamarko Thomas
On adjustments in second half:
“Our adjustments in the locker room were to just go out there and be ourselves. That’s the biggest thing, you just have to go out there and have fun. If we have fun out there, everybody’s following and making plays and that’s what our big adjustment was, just having fun.”

On his frustration when tackles are missed:
“It’s frustrating but it happens. They have two great backs. Number five was a good running back. Number 34, he’s 230, so you have to wrap him up. If you try to take a kill shot, you’re going to bounce off. They have great backs. I was frustrated at first but we just came together and pushed it and made plays in the second half.”

On getting the first win:
“It was definitely great, we’re going to celebrate. We got our first ‘W’ and we’re just going to keep on pushing forward.”

Alec Lemon, Senior, Wide Receiver
On Marcus Sales:
“I’ve played with Marcus for 4 years and I knew what he’s capable of. I’m glad to have him back – he’s a great player as you can see by his numbers.”

On today’s game:
“There were moments when we were down, 17-14, but I knew what the team could do and we came back and got the win.”

On his health:
“I feel great.”

On fan turnout:
“It would be nice if everyone stayed the whole game and didn’t get up and leave. It’s kind of sucky when you see people get up and leave, but we’re out there playing the game.”

Zack Chibane, Senior, Offensive Guard
On the second half, using the running game:
“We were just taking what they were giving us. They were really coming up hard. They were doing a good job of trying to take some things away from us. We just tried to take what they were giving us.”

On drives in the 2nd half:
“Yeah, we saw the finish line. Not to say we weren’t playing hard before that, we were playing our hardest in the second half. Some things didn’t go our way and obviously we have some things to work on and hopefully we get better at those things.”

Keon Lyn, Junior, Cornerback
On getting yourself ready:
“We just got a game plan against those guys. They are great guys, great athletes. They came ready to play, so I was hoping I could have gotten one of those deep balls, but obviously I couldn’t. You got to try to stop their key players, because they want to feed their key players and make plays.”

On getting the first win:
“In the locker room I pushed that we haven’t gotten a win since last October so we knew we had to get that win.”

On making yourself a better player:
“Playing these guys is great, and I mean this is preseason action, before we start BIG EAST play. So going against these guys is great and going against them is great because you know what type of talent is in the BIG EAST. They are just great athletes.”

On cornerbacks improving games:
“Those two guys Ri’Shard Anderson and Brandon Reddish, they are physical and they take coaching. That’s the most important thing to take coaching and get your job done. Those two guys compete and play every day.”

Prince-Tyson Gulley, Junior, Running back
On the score of the game:
“I was very surprised, and we wanted to dominate and we believed they shouldn’t be on the field with us. They came ready today.”

Jerome Smith, Junior, Running back
On the running backs playing so well:
“We are a three-headed monster, any of us at any given time can go out and do our jobs.”

On the 4th and goal:
“I forgot about that play, I just moved on to the next.”
On having a long way to go:
“A win’s a win. Our motto is get better each day, keep getting better every day.”

On not punching through:
“Yeah, it’s not on me, it’s not on anybody else. It’s a team thing. We just keep doing our thing. Even if I’m frustrated I know someone else is frustrated. We got over it and came back in the next drive and finished through it. We forgot about it.”

On getting the win:
“It’s fun. It’s fun out there. We’re getting to know the offense a little bit more, each one of us, me Tyson and Ashton. So, it’s getting fun now. We finally know what we are doing and everybody is getting their own swagger to how they do their thing.”

On the three-headed monster and separating yourself:
“No I don’t separate myself, because I know Tuesday morning they are going to come in going harder. I know these guys, they take pride in their position and I know they are going to watch the film and they are going to come back and they are going to something crazy. I mean, Tyson scored on the first drive, each one of them does a great job at making me work harder, you know, the three-headed monster.”

Marquis Spruill, Junior Linebacker
On Stony Brook’s performance:
“We knew we were going to get their best. We were prepared for it.”

On the halftime adjustments:
“We knew we had to set up a scheme to stop their running game. Other than that, we just had to play better football.”

On stopping Stony Brook from the red zone:
“We just had to play our game. We knew they were going to come in hungry. As a defensive unit, we just had to play like we always do.”

On preparing for a potent running attack:
“We watched them on film a lot. We watched their schemes. We really wanted to shut them down. Playmakers make plays.”

Ryan Nassib, Senior Quarterback
On performing well in the second half:
“I think a lot of it has to do with teams coming out with good schemes. They show stuff that we haven’t seen yet. Sometimes we expect something, but they throw something else at us. When we go into halftime and make those second half adjustments, they are usually good for us.”

On the impact of getting a win:
“It’s big. It’s sad to say that it is sort of an unfamiliar feeling, but we got it and this will continue on for the rest of the season.”

On Marcus Sales:
“Marcus [Sales] understands the game a lot – better than what he did when he first got here. He knows what he does best and he knows how to work people and get open. I really don’t doubt that he is going to be open a lot of times. Sometimes my read doesn’t go to him, but I throw it to him anyways because he does such a good job of that. His experience and being able to work anybody are reasons why he’s doing so well.”

On Ashton Broyld:
“Ashton [Broyld] is a very talented kid. He has the potential to break out on any play. He is one of three or four backs that we have that have that potential to do great things. Jerome (Smith) ran the ball really hard today. He got four or five yards when we needed it. All three of them make stuff happen.”

Macky MacPherson, Junior Center
On the offense:
“We have to improve on our situational offense. I think that 3rd and short and 4th and one on the goal line are situations when guys need to bring their game up. You can’t stay the same on plays like that because that’s where it bites you as you saw on the goal line. It’s about accountability.”

On the team improving:
“Like I heard earlier, this is our first win in a very long time. We are going to savor it because it’s a win. It’s one in the ‘W’ column. That’s what we needed after a game like this. We have a lot of work to do. The good thing is that we know what we have to work on. It’s not like something when we don’t know what’s going on. We knew what they were doing; we just have to execute better. We had a few drives out there when we stalled and a few drives that we executed well and ended in touchdowns.”

On protecting Ryan Nassib:
“It wasn’t one thing or another. We just realized what they were doing and stepped our game up. I couldn’t tell you because I haven’t seen the film of what happened and why Ryan [Nassib] was getting so much pressure. Eleven guys have to do their jobs right. If that doesn’t happen, something is going to go wrong. We will look at the tapes, but once we stepped our game up and got that tempo going again, we were able to get in the groove of things and protect Ryan a little better.”
Marcus Sales, Senior Wide Receiver
On the final drive that resulted in a touchdown:
“Our coach told me to be patient. The balls were coming in in bunches. I was ready when my number was called.”

On Coach [Nathaniel] Hackett’s energy on the sideline:
“It’s always good when you have positive guys around you. He never gives up, and we just have to go out and keep fighting every game.”

On the success of making catches this year:
“I just have to go out there and focus. I dropped one ball in the first quarter – I should have had that catch. I have to make sure that Ryan [Nassib] still has trust in me. It’s my job to get open no matter what situation we are in.”

Ashton Broyld, Freshman Running Back:
On his work paying off:
“We give all of our thanks to the big five up front. We worked very hard this week to get better in the little things. We are going to do that the best we can each week.”

On the feeling of scoring a touchdown:
“It felt like I belonged there. I was not too surprised or too excited; I was just waiting for it to happen. Today, I was fortunate enough for it to happen.”

On getting the team’s first win:
“They said that we were the best 0-2 team in the country. Now, we are the best 1-2 team in the country. We needed this win. It was very big for us and our confidence. We know what we have, and we just need to keep putting it together each week.”